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fila brasileiro,puppies, for sale, breeders Carioca Fila Brasileiro's has been determined from the begining that their fila's maintain both the heritage and the hardiness of the original farm dogs. Fila Brasileiro of Carioca have earned a well deserved reputation for preserving the traditional Fila Brasileiro dog as it originally existed on the fazenda's of Brasil. Carioca's strong fila breeding program is the result of the passionate dedication of one woman, Linda Maggio who purchased her first Fila Brasileiro puppy, Brew in 1986 and became fascinated with the breed.She has been an advocate of CAFIB since 1987 and continues to work with its members to insure the survival of the original fila dog as it existed on the farms and ranches of the Brasilian interior. Linda has been visiting Fila Brasileiro breeders and the farms of Brazil since 1989. Her travels have allowed her see hundreds of Fila Brasileiro on their native fazenda's as well as in urban environments. Carioca has been breeding the fila dog for 28 years and usually produces one litter of fila puppies per year. Carioca Fila Brasileiro's have been exhibited in CAFIB and FCI shows with great success, and Linda is currently awaiting certification as a CAFIB judge.
  Carioca began submitting hip and elbow xrays to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for analysis and was the first Fila Brasileiro breeder to have dogs screened for congenital heart diseases and admitted to OFA's Cardio data base. Currently 19 Carioca Fila Brasileiro's are OFA approved, more than any other kennel today. Carioca Fila Brasileiro firmly believes that their success as in Fila's is the result of good genetics, a natural meat based diet, and a very selective breeding program. Our Fila puppies are raised in the house, not in a kennel. Fila Brasileiro's need exposure to people and daily routines in order to achieve their full potential. We want committed stable homes for our Fila Brasileiro puppies. Linda estimates that only about five percent of Carioca Fila Brasileiro dogs are for sale to other breeders. "If we decide not to retain the most promising Fila puppy in a litter for our own use, I prefer to see that puppy in a permanent, loving home where he or she will live as a family pet. It is about ensuring that all of our Fila Brasileiro puppies go to appropriate, responsible owners who are able to provide the proper care for these dogs."      
Currently 9 adult Carioca Fila Brasileiro's reside on a 36 acre farm located in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. These Fila's enjoy an active lifestyle: working livestock, patrolling the woods and fields, and occasionally chasing chickens. 
The Fila Brasileiro is unique among dogs due to the extremely protective temperament that is natural to the breed. They trust and
accept no one but the family. Among those they consider their own, the Fila Brasileiro is affectionate, loyal, and obedient. They will guard their loved ones from any threat-instinctively and without training. The Fila Brasileiro is absolutely dedicated to protecting its home and family and new owners need to examine their lifestyle to be sure this breed is a good choice. At Carioca we are happy to openly discuss the pro's and con's of the breed and will help prospective Fila puppy owners determine whether the Fila Brasileiro will be a suitable companion for them.
The Fila is sometimes wrongly called the "Brazilian Mastiff". This is incorrect and is not the proper translation of Fila Brasileiro. The term literally means the "Brasilian Fila". Fila is a form of "filar" which means "to hold". The Fila has also been called "cabeca boiadeiro" or big headed dog. This is a very traditional name most common in Minas Gerias region of Brasil.
The Fila Brasileiro is not as large as its distant ancestor, the Old English Mastiff. This means Fila's are more agile and have fewer hip and joint problems. However the Fila is still a giant breed and is at risk for these diseases. That is why it is so important to screen breeding stock for hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as to have a through understanding of the lineage behind prospective breeding partners. Carioca Fila Brasileiro's have been certified by the OFA for many genrations. All of our HD/ED clear dogs can be verified at the website- search under Fila Brasileiro then type in Carioca. We have 19 Fila Brasileiro's officially certifed HD/ED clear, more than any other US breeder to date.
  If you are looking for a very special dog that will be devoted to your family, one who will never stop protecting his or her loved ones the Fila Brasileiro might be a breed to consider. If you would like more information we urge you to contact us either by email at or by phone at 919-853-3680. Thanks for visiting the Fila's at Carioca and we would like to be your Fila Brasileiro Breeder!
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