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Breeding the traditional Fila Brasileiro for 30 years. True temperament, type and farm raised puppies.
Determined from the beginning that their fila's maintain both the heritage and the hardiness of the original farm dogs, as well as their ojeriza and protection abilities, Carioca Kennel has earned a well deserved reputation for preserving the traditional Fila Brasileiro. Carioca's strong  breeding program is the result of the passionate dedication of one woman, Linda Maggio who purchased her first Fila Brasileiro,  Brew in 1986. She has been an advocate of CAFIB since 1987 and continues to work with its members to insure the survival of the original fila dog as it existed on the farms and ranches of the Brasilian interior. .
 Carioca Kennel has been breeding the Fila for 29 years. Their dogs have been exhibited in CAFIB shows with great success, including Best Male 2014, Serra de Minas Sepe.
  Carioca began submitting hip and elbow xrays to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for analysis in 1992. Currently 21 Carioca Fila Brasileiro are OFA approved. The kennel firmly believes that their success in breeding suoperior Fila puppies is the result of good genetics, a natural meat based diet, and a very selective breeding program. Our  puppies are raised in the house, not in a kennel young dogs need exposure to people and daily routines in order to achieve their full potential as natural guardians.

Currently 7 adult and 4 young future champions  reside on a 36 acre farm located in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. These Fila's enjoy an active lifestyle: working livestock, patrolling the woods and fields, and occasionally chasing chickens. 
The Fila Brasileiro is unique among dogs due to the extremely protective temperament that is natural to the breed. They trust and
accept no one but the family. Among those they consider their own, the Fila  is affectionate, loyal, and obedient. They will guard their loved ones from any threat-instinctively and without training.  Absolutely dedicated to protecting its home and family, new owners need to examine their lifestyle to be sure this breed is a good choice. At Carioca we are happy to openly discuss the pro's and con's of the breed and will help prospective  puppy owners determine whether the Fila Brasileiro will be a suitable companion for them.
The Fila is sometimes wrongly called the "Brazilian Mastiff". This is incorrect and is not the proper translation of Fila Brasileiro. The term literally means the "Brasilian Fila". Fila is a form of "filar" which means "to hold". The Fila has also been called "cabeca boiadeiro" or big headed dog. This is a very traditional name most common in Minas Gerias region of Brasil.
Fila's are more agile and have fewer joint problems than other giant breeds. However the Fila is still at risk for these diseases. That is why it is so important to screen breeding stock for hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as to have a through understanding of the lineage behind prospective breeding partners. Environment also plays a role and we will help you to raise your dog in the proper manner, including diet and exercise recommendations.
If you are looking for a very special dog that will be devoted to your family, one who will never stop protecting their loved we have a puppy for you. For more info contact us by email or phone. Thanks for visiting the Fila's at Carioca. 

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CAFIB Fila Brasileiro's since 1986

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